How High Blood Pressure Leads To Toe Cramps And Foot Pain


People with high blood pressure often experience a variety of health issues that can be both painful and debilitating. One of the most surprising of these issues is toe cramps and foot pain. Thankfully, treating this issue is not a difficult task. 

Why Toe Cramps Are Connected To High Blood Pressure

People who suffer from high blood pressure often experience debilitating toe cramps and foot pain that can make life difficult to handle. The main reason for this issue lies in a deficit of potassium, one of the most important minerals in the body, as it is an electrolyte that helps keep the muscles operating well.

Unfortunately, a lack of potassium in the body will cause spasms and cramps throughout the muscles of the body. And while high blood pressure itself isn't enough to cause this deficiency, contributing factors to and treatment of high blood pressure may cause potassium deficiencies.

Why High Blood Pressure Causes Toe Craps

Low potassium levels may simply be caused by a person eating a poor or unhealthy diet. For example, a person who rarely eats vegetables or fruits may have very low levels of potassium. However, problems such as excessive sweating and regular alcohol abuse may also leach the potassium from a person's body and leave them at risk for serious toe cramps. All of these issues also contribute to the development of high blood pressure in the body.

However, the most common cause of low potassium levels due to high blood pressure is likely the use of diuretic medicines to treat high blood pressure. While these medications are necessary for treating dangerously high blood pressure, taking them properly and safely requires adjusting your diet or going through pain management methods.

Avoiding This Issue

Anybody who suffers from the pain of toe cramps should visit a doctor to check their potassium levels. If they find that their potassium levels are too low, there are several steps to take. First of all, taking care of the initial pain is important. Heat and cold application may reduce the swelling of the muscles while painkillers can help out as well.

Next, a person should take potassium supplements with vitamin B complex to manage cramp severity. In most cases, this type of management will eliminate the foot pain caused by toe cramps. However, there may be more serious issues underlying consistent muscle cramps, such as arthritis, that may only come to the fore with proper care and sustained treatment.

So if you or anyone you love is suffering from severe foot pain due to toe cramps, make sure to talk to a podiatrist about this problem right away. With their help, you can manage this issue and regain a pain-free life. Visit a site like for more help.


17 November 2018

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