Three Ways To Change Your Lifestyle To Help With Plantar Fasciitis


When you have plantar fasciitis, every step can be painful. This condition, which is common among young and old people alike, occurs when you strain the plantar fascia, a ligament that runs through your foot. Your best bet to rectify this issue is to book an appointment with a podiatrist, who will be able to diagnose the cause of your plantar fasciitis and develop a treatment plan that often includes medication and custom orthotic inserts to wear in your shoes for pain relief.

21 July 2015

Swept Off Your Feet? Solutions For Weak Ankles


Your feet and ankles are your foundation. Keeping these parts of your body strong improves your balance and stability so you are less likely to fall or injure yourself during exercise or daily activities. If your ankles are weak or tend to give out at odd times, you have several options to help strengthen your foundation. Symptoms of Ankle Instability Generally, you only need to be concerned if you suffer from the following problems frequently.

3 June 2015

How Are Bunions Treated?


Bunions occur when the bone tissue at the base of the big toe moves out of place. This leads to moderate to severe discomfort when wearing shoes. If bunions have already developed on your big toe, walking may become very painful. Fortunately, bunions can be treated. There are nonsurgical treatments that work for many people, but if these do not help, bunions can be surgically removed. These are some of the most common types of treatments for bunions.

17 May 2015

Living With Diabetes: Tips For Avoiding Foot Problems


Diabetes reduces the flow of blood to your feet and can result in nerve damage. Consequently, an important part of living with diabetes is learning how to properly care for your feet. A failure to do so can result in serious infections and ulcers. In severe cases, tissue damage can even result in the need to amputate a toe or even your entire foot. Thankfully, most diabetics will be able to avoid these serious problems by taking just a few basic steps each day to ensure their feet are properly cared for.

9 May 2015

How To Protect Your Feet When Switching From Road Running To Trail Running


You've slogged along the side of the road all winter when sloppy mud and freezing temperatures kept you off of the trails. Now that spring is here, you're ready to switch up your running routine with some uneven surfaces and challenging trails. Hitting the trails is great for building strength and mental stamina, but when you first transition from road running, trails can be hard on your feet. Follow these tips to avoid injuries:

29 April 2015