Use These Tips to Take Care of Your Feet at a Waterpark This Summer


If you're planning on spending a day or two at a waterpark this summer, you're likely dreaming of a day of fun and sliding in the sun. What you might not be thinking about, however, is the health of your feet. Given that you'll likely be spending the bulk of the day walking around barefoot, you could be at risk of dealing with a variety of foot conditions that could leave you needing podiatry care. Heel pain, plantar warts, and other issues can all arise due to going barefoot at a waterpark. Here are some tips to keep in mind to keep your feet healthy during your next waterpark visit.

Wear Water Shoes

Wearing water shoes can be an effective way to limit your risk of getting plantar warts as you walk around the park and use the showers. While water shoes aren't exactly known for their support, they have thin rubber soles that can provide a little bit of cushioning to prevent heel pain. The big benefit, however, is that you're less likely to develop plantar warts when the soles of your feet are covered. Although it's a good idea to check the waterpark's website in advance, many waterparks permit customers to wear water shoes. For some slide-style rides, however, you'll be asked to remove the shoes and hold them during your descent, as the rubber soles could slow down your speed.

Walk on the Grass When You Can

Waterparks often have a combination of concrete and grass. When you're walking from attraction to attraction, try to choose a route that allows you to walk on the grass as much as possible. This type of terrain is considerably softer than concrete, which means that you'll be causing less impact to your heels and the balls of your feet with each step. This is an especially valuable tactic if you frequently get sore feet when you go barefoot.

Use Sandals Wherever Possible

Although you won't be permitted to wear sandals on any of the attractions at the waterpark, it's ideal to wear them when you're walking around. Many waterparks have small cubby areas near the entrance of each attraction that you can use to stow your sandals while you're on the ride. While you'll still be barefoot as you wait in line or climb the stairs up to the top of the ride, your feet will be cushioned to prevent pain and also protected from plantar warts as you walk around.


5 July 2016

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